Reports & Policy Papers

Fighting Corruption with Con Tricks: Romania’s Assault on the Rule of Law
David Clark
Henry Jackson Society
4 Jan 2017

This report by the former Foreign Office Special Advisor, David Clark, details the corruption of the Romanian anti-corruption drive and the weakening of the rule of law in Romania. It highlights concerns that the intelligence services are directing anti-corruption prosecutions, numerous abuses of process, and that crucial principles of justice enshrined in the European Union’s Charter of Fundamental Rights are being routinely violated, including the right to a fair trial and the presumption of innocence.

Memorandum on the abuses in the Romanian arrest warrant procedure of Alexander Adamescu
Eeva Heikkila
Garden Court Chambers
November 2016

This memorandum on the granular detail of Alexander Adamescu’s case is written by the renowned legal expert on faux international arrest warrants and abuses of process by repressive kleptocrat States, Eeva Heikkila. It demonstrates that both Alexander’s arrest warrants were issued in gross violation of key tenets of Romanian and international law. It shows that Alexander’s case is totemic of the vast gulf between Romania’s rhetoric on its progress towards becoming a liberal democracy committed to an independent judiciary and the stark reality faced by its citizens.

European Union at Risk: The Judiciary Under Attack in Romania
The Central European Journal of Security and Defence Studies
7 November 2016

The respected CEJISS publishes research showing that many of the methods of used by the Communists in Romania pre-1989 to create a politicised system of justice and law enforcement are still in existence in contemporary Romania. The report’s authors are particularly concerned about subordination of the rule of law and the use of the justice system by the Romanian executive, and its agencies, to destroy political opponents.

UK: The European Arrest Warrant in the dock
Human Rights Without Frontiers
31 October 2016

Human Rights Without Frontiers examines the Alexander Adamescu case in detail, including how it has breached Alexander’s human rights, and the clear political motivations for his prosecution. It goes on to make recommendations on how the flawed European Arrest Warrant system can be reformed and that in the interim the British government should refuse to extradite Alexander on the grounds that he would not receive a fair trial in Romania.

“Why the UK should Reform or Exit the European Arrest Warrant: Problems and Excesses of the Romanian Anti­-Corruption Fight”
The Hampden Trust in association with The Freedom Association and The Economic Policy Centre
5 September 2016

This report analyses the often persistent and unacceptable lack of separation of powers between the institutions of politics, the economy, and the secret state in Romania. It suggests that with this in mind a new approach is needed in the Romanian anti-corruption fight and that given the disparity in the quality of justice across the EU, Britain’s membership of the European Arrest Warrant should be included in its EU negotiations.