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Media Coverage in 2017

Alexander Adamescu – A Short Film by Mark Davis
Alexander Adamescu a German citizen and legal resident of the United Kingdom who is the victim of political persecution by Romania

Voice of America News
People on the streets of Bucharest are exposing a darker side of the government’s anti-corruption efforts that have been much lauded by the United States and the European Union. To many of the demonstrators, the anti-corruption fight itself has become corrupt. VOA’s Luis Ramirez reports.

Voice of America News
Over the past two weeks, Romania has seen Eastern Europe’s largest protests since the fall of Communism in 1989.

New York Times
Romania captured the world’s attention last week when hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets, protesting a government decree that many saw as backtracking on fighting corruption.

The Times
Playwright snared by EU law he backed. Alexander Adamescu believes his life would make a good plot for one of his plays.

Human Rights Without Frontiers International
Video of a discussion on the European Arrest Warrant, Human Rights and the case of Alexander Adamescu with EEVA HEIKKILÄ (renowned Human Rights Barrister) & WILLY FAUTRE (Director of Human Rights Without Frontiers).

Human Right Without Frontiers International – The European Union must have the courage to reform the European Arrest Warrant, say several experts at the European Parliament.

EU Reporter: European Arrest Warant
Willy Fautré, director of Human Rights Without Frontiers, speaks to EU Reporter‘s Colin Stevens at a European Parliament event concerning the European Arrest Warrant.

EU Today
Romanian judicial crisis highlights “shortcomings” in EU Arrest Warrant scheme
A conference was told that detention conditions in Romanian prisons are one of the reasons for the “failing” European Arrest Warrant (EAW).

The New Statesman
Why corruption is the number one political issue in Romania
David Clark explains why Romanians have taken to the street.

The Parliament Magazine
Renewed call for reform of European Arrest Warrant in wake of Romanian businessman’s death
Growing number of cases involving rights abuses undermining arrest warrant’s effectiveness, MEPs told

The Times
Romania is becoming the EU’s outlaw state
An anti-corruption drive is being used to settle political scores and Britain should not assist it

BBC Radio 4 PM Programme
David Clark, freelance foreign policy commentator and former special adviser to the Foreign Office talks about Corruption in Romania (26 minutes, 30 seconds)

The Guardian
Romania’s corruption fight is a smokescreen to weaken its democracy”
According to an article in The Guardian, turning a blind eye to this abuse of power risks encouraging other European nations to follow its example.

The Daily Telegraph
Romanian state ‘blamed’ for attempted kidnap of businessman’s wife on London street”
According to an article in The Telegraph, the wife of a British resident fighting plans to extradite him to Romania on unfounded corruption charges has accused its government of attempting to kidnap her from a London street.

Financial Times
Romania’s decriminalisation move is to be welcomed

Conservatives for Liberty
Dan Adamescu dies in a Romanian prison. His son fears the same fate if he is extradited from the UK

Tragically the co-owner of Romania’s oldest newspaper, Romania Libera, has died after suffering illnesses brought on by the country’s appalling prison system.

David Hencke
How Romania’s inhumane prison system led to the tragic death of a campaigning newspaper owner

Council of Europe
Motion for a resolution: Alexander Adamescu and the abuse of the European Arrest Warrant (EAW)

Council of Europe
Alexander Adamescu and the abuse of the European Arrest Warrant (EAW)
Motion for a resolution tabled by Lord Richard BALFE and other members of the Assembly

On the tragic and unjust death of Dan Adamescu – The Romanian businessman has died, after being jailed since May on politically motivated charges

Daily Telegraph
Businessman fears he will die in prison like his father if he is extradited to Romania

Nine O’
Son of businessman Dan Adamescu, after his father’s death: Deadly blow to my father

EU Business Review
Dan Adamescu was “killed” by judges and prosecutors, says ex-president Basescu
A Romanian scandal that threatens press freedom that the UK could stop in its tracks

A German businessman is facing extradition to Romania using the European Arrest warrant. But the real reasons for his extradition is to try and close down Romania’s oldest newspaper, Romana Libera, to stop it exposing corruption in this EU country.

Daily Telegraph
Don’t weep for Trump’s press victims, Europe has its own despots to worry about. Donald Trump’s bizarre press conference was a stark reminder of just how belligerent the President-elect is and how toxic his relationship with media has become.

European Jewish Press
The New Communists: Romania is moving backwards – 27 years following the collapse of Ceausescu’s oppressive regime in Romania, the power of the Communists’ successors in the country is getting stronger.

Digi 24
The British newspaper “The Daily Telegraph” published an article in which the wife of businessman Alexander Adamescu (son of Dan Adamescu) accuses the Romanian government that tried to kidnap her on the street in London.

Romania Insider
Romanian millionaire’s wife speaks of alleged state-sponsored kidnapping attempt – Adriana Constantinescu, the wife of Romanian businessman Alexander Adamescu, has accused the Romanian authorities of sponsoring an attempt to kidnap her from a street in London
Romanian politicians are engaged in settling of political accounts and grave human rights violations that are masked as anti-corruption efforts, according to a press release from the think tank of the British The Henry Jackson Society, which released a report on anti-corruption Romania.
BINOM devastating international report. DNA and SRI, falsifying wall made fighting corruption.  Romanian politicians are involved in the settling of scores and serious human rights violations, disguised as anti-corruption efforts
British organization: DNA and intelligence undermines the independence of the judiciary in Romania. Politicians have the ability to conduct investigations

The Henry Jackson Society report: DNA secret services and undermine the independence of the judiciary in Romania. Romanian politicians are engaged in settling of political accounts and grave human rights violations that are masked as anti-corruption efforts, according to a press release from the think tank of the British The Henry Jackson Society, which released a report on anti-corruption Romania.

Conservatives for Liberty
The false premise of the EAW; the wrongful assumption of parity of justice across Europe
Fair Trials abroad reports a mixed picture across the EU nations in regards to access to effective justice, and access to a lawyer on detention in particular. Pre Trial detention in some EU states causes particular concern, especially where there is a lack of legal aid or long process due to failure of the courts to pursue matters promptly post detention.

Comment Central
BBC silent over EU arrest warrant sham
Far from promoting access to justice, European Arrest Warrants are helping to extend the reach of sub-standard legal systems, says Rory Broomfield, Director of the Freedom Association.

The Henry Jackson Society
Fighting corruption with con tricks: Romania’s assault on the rule of law
A new report from the Henry Jackson Society states – the strong correlation between those targeted for prosecution and the interests of those in power is indicative of politicised justice. Cases have often been accompanied by campaigns of public vilification designed to maximise their political impact. Far from being above politics, Romania’s National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) is an active participant in its partisan struggles.

Conservatives for Liberty
European Arrest Warrant on trial: The case of Alexander Adamescu
Conservatives for Liberty have long held deep reservations about the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) on a matter of principle; injustices are inevitable because the EAW is based upon the false premise that all criminal justice systems in the EU are equal, free of corruption, and uphold similar levels of equity between the citizen and the state.

Democracy Chronicles
Romanian Corruption Crisis Shows Little Sign of Slowing Down 

Security Europe
Romanian corruption case and extradition request may demonstrate why the European Arrest Warrant demands an urgent reform

Conservatives for Liberty
Romania: Politicised ‘justice’ in the EU era

Lumea Justitiei
Prestigiosul ziar The Times sustine ca romanii au iesit in strada impotriva politicienilor, in loc sa iasa impotriva SRI si altor servicii: „Mania ar trebui sa vizeze serviciile secrete care au folosit chestiunea coruptiei pentru a-si regla conturile cu inamicii, care au erodat drepturile fundamentale si care au institutionalizat o legatura sinistra intre sistemul judiciar, serviciile secrete si departamentele anticoruptie“
Protestele din România, prin ochii unui jurnalist The Times. Pentru ce ar trebui, de fapt, să iasă în stradă românii? „SRI nu poate scăpa de trecut“

The Australian
Romania is becoming the EU’s Outlaw State

The Times
Romania is becoming the EU’s outlaw state by roger boyes
An anti-corruption drive is being used to settle political scores and Britain should not assist it

Parliament Magazine
Renewed call for reform of European Arrest Warrant in wake of Romanian businessman’s death

BBC News
Laura Codruta Kovesi: Romania’s controversial anti-corruption star 

Parliamentary Assembly Assemblée parlementaire
Alexander Adamescu and the abuse of the European Arrest Warrant (EAW)

Written declaration No. 622 | Doc. 14245 | 24 January 2017 Signatories

Media Coverage 2016

froBriefing Event
On Monday 13th of June we hosted a briefing on the abuse of the European Arrest Warrant system by Romania and Bulgaria, which in some cases is being used to settle political scores and raid assets. The focus of the event was the case of Alexander Adamescu, a German citizen resident in London. He is the subject of a Romanian EAW issued in connection with a case that is overtly political.

Alex Adamescu was on his way to the venue to take part in the event. The London Metropolitan Police were waiting for him outside the venue, prevented him from speaking, and took him into custody.

This is video footage of the arrest and of the European Arrest Warrant Event that followed. Panelists include Eeva Heikkila, Adriana Adamescu (replacing Alex), Radu Moraru, Neil Barnett and Peter Oborne. Joseph Sternberg was the moderator.

Freedom Association
New publication from the Freedom Association exposes problems and excesses in the Romanian justice system. Calls on the European Arrest Warrant to be on negotiation table in Brexit discussions

Brexit: Future of the European Arrest Warrant in question
With Brexit and two recent controversial cases of extradition requests made this year by Romania, the future of the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) is re-emerging as an issue of particular concern, not only in the UK but also in other EU member states, writes Willy Fautré.

Daily Telegraph

City AM

European Business Review

Human Rights Without Frontiers International

International Policy Digest

Central European Journal of International and Security Studies

Robert Amsterdam

Eurasia Review

The Parliament Magazine

The Daily Telegraph


The Spectator
The case that shows why we must not stay in the European Arrest Warrant

Voice Of America
British Action on European Arrest Warrant Sparks Criticism

The Romania Journal Bucharest has a lot at stake in the Brexit negotiations

Romania’s Quiet, Sophisticated Media Crackdown

Hansard: Christmas Adjournment, 20 December 2016, Volume 619 (half way down the page)

Bob Blackman: “I thank my hon. Friend for raising that issue. Quite clearly, in the not too distant future large numbers of those affected will want to use their pension for the comfortable life they thought they were saving for and have literally been robbed of.

This year, we have resuscitated the all-party parliamentary group on Romania. I particularly want to raise the plight of Alexander Adamescu, a journalist from Romania —originally from Germany—who is resident in the UK and is under threat from a European arrest warrant for raising issues that are slightly controversial in Romania but in this country would not be an issue. That raises specific concerns about the relationship between Britain and Romania, and about how the European arrest warrant is used.

Daily Telegraph
European Arrest Warrant ‘targeting innocent British citizen’ 

Daily Telegraph
The European Arrest Warrant is making Britain complicit in political persecution

Business Review
Dan Adamescu’s The Nova Group has initiated arbitration proceedings against Romania

Brexit will set our justice system free

PR Newswire
Victim of Romanian political persecution Alexander Adamescu retains lawyer Robert Amsterdam

Fabian Review
Backwards March – an article by David Clark

The Hill
Romania and when curbing corruption warrants investigation

Economic Policy Centre Blog
Are all European legal systems fair, independent and equal to our own?

Conservatives for Liberty
Extradition and the European Arrest Warrant: Meet Alexander Adamescu at September’s Pint and Patter

UK Business Insider
Why the European Arrest Warrant is not good for the UK – the case of Alexander Adamescu

Daily Mail
This is NOT the time for ugly political opportunism

The European Arrest Warrant empowers Romania’s tyrants. The Prime Minister should junk it

Reasons for the UK to leave the EU keep piling up – the EU Arrest Warrant

Fair Trials Paper on the Presumption of Innocence
Fair Trials publishes position paper on proposed presumption of innocence directive (Dan Adamescu on page 10)

New York Times
Romania’s Anti-Corruption Mania – article by Patrick Basham

Council of Europe motion for a resolution
Mr Dan Adamescu and the right to a fair trial

If Not Now, When? Reviewing Europe’s Failures, One Country at a Time

The Romania Journal
The European arrest warrant empowers Romania’s tyrants, Stuart Ramsay of Sky News defended

Economic Policy Centre
Why the UK should reform or exit the European Arrest Warrant: Problems and excesses of the Romanian anti-corruption fight

Riverside View
The European Arrest Warrant

Comment Central
Romania and Bulgaria don’t belong in the EU

Brexit Central
Reforming or Exiting the European Arrest Warrant must be part of Brexit

Dennis Benson
European Arrest Warrant is a disaster!

UK Business News
Why the European Arrest Warrant is not good for the UK – the case of Alexander Adamescu