Quotes of Support

Below is a sample of the growing support  towards Alexander Adamescu and the case against his extradition under the European Arrest Warrant.

Graham Brady, Conservative MP for Altrincham and Sale West:

“His case is a clear example of not only how Romanian justice is in no way comparable to our own, but also demonstrates the urgent need for the UK to negotiate extradition arrangements that retain basic legal safeguards and for interim legislation to protect our high standards of justice, until we have formally withdrawn from the European Arrest Warrant.”

Eeva Heikkila, Barrister at Garden Court Chambers:

“Alexander Adamescu’s arrest warrant was issued with a blatant disregard for due process and the rule of law.”

Rory Broomfield, Director of The Freedom Association:

“Alexander Adamescu’s case shows that the UK’s relationship with the EU goes beyond just matters of trade and that changes in our post-Brexit relationship are vital in order to ensure English legal freedoms are respected and that injustices, such as in this case, are prevented.”

Professor Graeme Leach, CEO of Macronomics:

“Romania has issued a European Arrest Warrant for Alexander Adamescu, in gross violation of key tenets of Romanian and international law. The entire process stinks.”

Ben Kelly, Executive Director of Conservatives for Liberty:

“Britain must do the right thing and refuse to send Alexander Adamescu to face a kangaroo court. It is evident that the warrant is politically motivated and Alexander Adamescu’s human rights are likely to be violated. There’s little chance of a fair trial when guilt has been spuriously attributed from the outset.”

Stephen Pollard, Editor of The Jewish Chronicle:

“No matter how strong Mr Adamescu’s arguments are, or how unconvinced a British court might be of Romania’s, we have to hand him over unless he can prove there are human rights abuses attached to the case or that it is politically motivated. Should the extradition be granted, the implications are chilling and widespread.”

Patrick Basham, Director of The Democracy Institute:

“Romania’s anti-corruption campaign has rapidly metastasized into an illiberal crusade.”

Peter Oborne, Former Chief Political Commentator of The Daily Telegraph:

“I fear [Alexander] will not get a fair trial in Romania, where a notoriously corrupt government is intent on eliminating all domestic opposition – and, in his case, getting its hands on his father’s assets.”

Human Rights Without Frontiers International:

“There is a high probability that the case of Alexander Adamescu is politically motivated and he would not enjoy a fair trial in Romania. The British authorities should reject the request of extradition of Alexander Adamescu.”

Dr Mitchell Belfer, Head of the Department of International Relations and European Studies at Metropolitan University Prague, Czech Republic:

“Unless he can prove the political motivation for the accusations or that his human rights would be breached on returning to Romania, Alexander’s wife and three young children will be left in London to continue their fight for justice alone, while he languishes in a Bucharest jail cell awaiting an unfair trial.”

David Clark, Former Special Advisor to British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook 1997-2001

“Alexander Adamescu angered the Romanian authorities by repeatedly challenging their treatment of his father, so they orchestrated his arrest as he was about to address a public meeting in London in June 2016. No evidence of criminal wrongdoing has been presented and none is needed under the European Arrest Warrant.”

Robert Amsterdam, International Lawyer:

“Romania’s persecution of Mr. Adamescu represents an egregious example of the abuse of state power by private interests, driven by motivations that have nothing to do with rule of law, anti-corruption and more to do with suppressing freedom of expression.”