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Alexander Adamescu & the European Arrest Warrant

Alexander Adamescu



Alexander Adamescu is a German citizen, who has lived in London for four years with his wife, Adriana, and their three young children. He is a writer who has been studying at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, whose alumni include Laurence Olivier, Vanessa Redgrave, Judi Dench and Harold Pinter.

Alexander is the son of Dan Adamescu, a successful businessman of Romanian origin. Dan built up a flourishing group of businesses in Romania and financed one of Romania’s leading national centre-right newspapers, Romania Libera. The newspaper has consistently been a champion of democracy and the rule of law in Romania, exposing widespread corruption in the Romanian government and speaking out against the abuse of power.

Significantly, this daily newspaper has been critical of the previous administration, led by Victor Ponta from the Social Democratic Party. The newspaper was a thorn in Mr Ponta’s side, and in 2014 (two years after becoming Prime Minister) Mr Ponta went on live television to announce the imminent prosecution of Dan Adamescu on charges of bribery.

Two weeks later, Dan Adamescu was arrested and declared guilty in a trial that Fair Trials International described as “failing to respect the presumption of innocence”. The Court also denied bail on the basis that Dan refused to admit his guilt.

Dan Adamescu’s health was ruined during his long pre-trial detention, house arrest and post-conviction incarceration. He was relentlessly mistreated, and kept in a rat-infested underground cell often with up to eight other inmates. He was prevented from receiving proper medical treatment and collapsed twice during his incarceration in September and once again in December 2016. Despite being seriously ill, his conditional release was thrice refused by the prison administration and Romanian courts alike in the last two months.

After protesting against the treatment of his father, in June 2016 Alexander Adamescu found himself accused of exactly the same trumped up charges of bribery and a European Arrest Warrant was issued for him to be sent to Romania to face trial. Alexander was arrested just two hours before he was due to speak at a conference in London about the serious issues with the European Arrest Warrant and the lack of due process in Romania.

Tragically, on the 24th of January 2017, Dan Adamescu died in hospital after contracting septicaemia brought on by the barbaric prison conditions he suffered. Alexander never had the chance to say goodbye to his father.

Alexander now awaits an extradition hearing in April 2017. Under European rules the judge in his case cannot review the evidence against him, and so Alexander must prove that there is a political motivation for his arrest or that his human rights will be violated if he is sent for trial in Romania. Should he fail, he will face the same corrupt justice system as his father and likely suffer the same fate.

EAW Abuse of European Arrest Warrant by Alexander Adamescu

“By killing my father they have put me on notice of their intentions. If extradited, I fear it would not be long before I, too, would be disposed of and my little children orphaned.”

Mr Adamescu added: “Should the UK ignore my, and many others’ warnings, about the parlous state of justice in Romania and fail to prevent my unlawful extradition, it is inevitable that I will be subject to the same persecution and abuse that claimed my father’s life. I have no doubts that I’m to be done away with next to finish the job.”

Mr Adamescu claims the authorities are using the European Arrest Warrant to seek his extradition from Britain on the pretext of fighting corruption at home.